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Finished dining room chairs

They are finally complete!  And I had ordered just enough fabric to finish them as it turns out. Once I received the fabric I realized that the pattern would only allow me to do so many seats and keep the birds square in the center.  One had to be not centered on the birds, but… Continue reading Finished dining room chairs

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High Chair Hijack

When I was little I had a beautiful wooden highchair which was such a lovely little feature in all my early childhood photos. So logically we needed one for Hanna as well. When we lived in our last house it was just too small for a highchair (or anything else for that matter!) but once we’d… Continue reading High Chair Hijack

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Dining chairs

All thanks to Lainie!

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Blue Be Gone

The back bedroom is finally finished! 8+ months later finally we can call it a completed and usable room. It’s just not yet decorated. We’ve made it into a make shift nursery for a while during the first few months for our youngest to establish her sleep habits (this is going well by the way,… Continue reading Blue Be Gone

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6 Years Today 

Today marks mine and Leia’s sixth year here in the UK. We arrived here to finally join my lovely hubby after having to spend the first 5 months of our married life on two separate continents so you can imagine how awesome a day it was. Can’t go any further with the story without a big… Continue reading 6 Years Today 

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Repurposed French Door as Picture Frame

I’ve always had a soft spot for frames. They are one of my many addictions. For some women it’s shoes, for me it’s doors and frames (and bags and coats). I think it feeds from my background in photography. (The old school, film and darkroom kind =) I’m always looking for out of the box ways to… Continue reading Repurposed French Door as Picture Frame

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Simple Sofa Upgrade

About four years ago we decided to purchase a new sofa from a company called There were many things we learned from this experience. Number one lesson though was never buy a sofa without being able to actually sit on it and try it out! Especially if you are a couple like us who… Continue reading Simple Sofa Upgrade